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Booking a Cheap Hotel Room is Easier Than You Think

With summer creeping up on us rather quickly, you may have begun planning an exciting vacation.   Next to flights, hotel rooms are probably your second biggest cost. Learn how to squeeze the most value out of your money by following the tips below. Booking a cheap hotel room can be easier than you think. Do Your Research A good first step is to search on a standard booking website for the … [Read more...]

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What to Expect on a Girlfriend Getaway in New Mexico

When thinking about taking a vacation with girlfriends, what types of things do you look for? How about something like shopping within walking distance, great local restaurants, adventure and of course, relaxation. Sounds like a perfect girlfriend getaway to me and you can find all this and more in New Mexico. New Mexico was nothing like what I expected. If you are anything like me, when you … [Read more...]


Try “Group Video Calling” with Skype your Next Vacation.

If you were to ask me on average how much I use Skype, I would have to say daily.  Actually, I am signed on to Skype 24/7 not only on my home computer, but on my laptop as well.  For me, I am all about the ease of use and ability to stay connected to family and friends no matter where I may be. I have written a post about how I recently used Skype to stay connected to my children when I went to … [Read more...]


Camping? Visit the KOA Community for Great Tipsl

Are you someone that gets excited over spending time with family?  How about making new friends from all over the country?  Do you love the outdoors and sharing stories by the campfire?  If you said yes to any or all of the above comments, then I am guessing you are no stranger to camping.   I have personally been camping with my family since before I could walk.  My parents have shown me … [Read more...]