Make a Change with Mountain High Yoghurt.

I have been actively trying to change certain routines in my life, one of them is trying to eat healthier.  I am learning that for someone that doesn't always make the best choices when it comes to food, that isn't an easy task. My realization has been that in order for me to switch up the way I eat, I need foods to be not only quick to grab, but also delicious.  Mountain High Yoghurt has … [Read more...]


Healthier Eating Starts w/ Small Changes…

I am always thankful when I come across companies that make it easy for me to eat healthy.  I will be honest with you guys, I love food! If I'm being really truthful with you,  the foods I love aren't always the best for me.  I know I should be more careful about what I put into my body, but let's face it, sometimes the healthy foods don't taste as great as the bad for you foods. Okay, before … [Read more...]


Mountain High Moments…What are Yours?

Recently, I have found myself indulging in Mountain High Yoghurt.  I purchased it on a whim one day because it was on sale and now it is one of my families favorite things to find in the fridge.  My husband actually thanks me for buying it when he finds it in the ice box. Mountain High is the perfect name for a yoghurt when you live in Colorado.  After all, didn't John Denver sing about a Rocky … [Read more...]