Fill the Backpack: The Fun Continues!

As you guys may have seen, I am working with 7 other amazing bloggers on the "Fill the Backpack" campaign. Have you visited the website yet? We are giving away a total of 16 backpacks filled with an ARV of $300! Pretty exciting stuff huh:) I want to tell you guys about a few of the products you will find in these awesome backpacks. If you weren't excited before this post, you will be after. Who … [Read more...]

Need Help Filling your Kids Backpack? You’re in Luck!

Who is ready for "Back to School"? Actually, is anyone ever ready? There is always so much to do in preparation for the big day. That's why 8 of us got together on Skype and decided on the perfect event for this time of year. It is called, "Fill the Backpack".What is "Fill the Backpack" you ask? Well, it's what happens when you team up with, Volunteer Spot, some terrific … [Read more...]