ReserveAge Organics Resveratrol Review: Say no to PREMATURE AGING!

This review was done by my mama. I really wanted to try this product, but was told it may not be safe for nursing moms. Thanks Mom for writing a great review! I really appreciate your help:)I was given a months supply of Resveratrol from ReserveAge Organics to try. I do not take a lot of over the counter medications, but this one I have been wanting to try. It is a cellular anti-aging formula, … [Read more...]

Skin Authority Holiday Beauty Boot Camp GIVEAWAY!

Okay, I have a really fun opportunity to offer you ladies. I have to be honest, I am very jealous. I am currently hosting a giveaway for the Skin Authority Wrinkle Reversing Serum. You guys seem to be enjoying it, so now I have another giveaway to offer you hosted by Skin Authority. This giveaway is for the Holiday Boot Camp Beauty Workout. Now don't leave quite yet, it is not a workout boot … [Read more...]

WOW…Thank You Guys!! I Really Appreciate It.

Sorry it has taken me so long to accept my award(s). Things have been a little crazy since my surgery Thursday. I am trying to get all caught up! I have two "thank yous" that need to go out today. Heather, or Theta Mom as some of you may know her and Momma Such from Raising My 4 Sons awarded me with the "My Lovely Blog Award". I was excited to receive this award from just one of them, but to have … [Read more...]