You Won’t Believe Your Eyes….

Wisk is back and this time we will be tackling nasty carbohydrate stains like ketchup. You guys know what it's like when you go through the drive-thru to pick up a quick burger. All my son wants on his is Ketchup and cheese. Even when I ask for light ketchup, the fast food restaurant always drenches the burger in it.So, guess what I end up with? A kiddo with a shirt full of red, nasty stains. … [Read more...]

Wisk Deep Clean: Let’s Test it on Protein Stains!

Wisk in the new red-HOT bottle. Does it really work? I was sent a bottle of the NEW Wisk Deep Clean and all the necessary tools to test it out on a protein stain.Below you will find the experiment in pictures and the amazing outcome. Of course I will be testing Wisk Deep Clean further over the next few weeks. I want to see how it works on all the stains we face as moms of messy little ones. Oh and … [Read more...]

Wisk, It just got Better!

Our family consists of two kids and two adults. With that being said, I'm not sure how we accumulate as much dirty laundry as we do. As we all know, with dirty laundry comes stubborn clothes stains.I am always on the search for the new and best ways to tackle all types of stains. One detergent that has been helping fight stains since 1956 is Wisk. I remember a "Ring Around the Collar" commercial … [Read more...]