USFRA #TwitterParty on Monday, June 18th. Join Us!

I am very excited to share with you all that I will be co-hosting the USFRA Twitter Party on Monday the 18th along with several other amazing bloggers. All the information you need to RSVP for the event are below.  This is going to be a really fun get together with a great and informative topic.    Of course, we have awesome prizes to give away as well. I will be looking forward to tweeting … [Read more...]

How are you with Leftovers?

Creating meal plans, preparing meals, and handling the leftovers, it can all be a little too much at times. However, it is so important for me as a mom that we all sit down together as a family for meal time. One of the rules I made for myself early on was that I would not create separate meals for my kids. I have been pretty successful at holding to that goal, though it is not always easy. … [Read more...]

#TMOM Twitter Party, June 20th! Don’t Miss it..

When I began my family, I knew that one of the most important things to me would be taking family vacations each year. However, now that my children are old enough to start implementing that idea, I am realizing it is a lot more expensive than I would have anticipated. Therefore, becoming creative when it comes to savings has become the name of the game.I am addicted to websites that help me with … [Read more...]

“All About the Bump Month” Twitter Party Tonight! $5K in prizes

Tonight, “ All About the Bump Month” is hosting a Twitter party you won’t want to miss! We hope you are enjoying following the Bump Month Bloggers as we introduce you to our fabulous sponsors and stories on Motherhood. Now we want to hear more from you! The party begins tonight at 8PM EST: Hashtag #BumpMonth.  It is going to be two hours of non stop chatting fun.  Oh, did I mention … [Read more...]

All Aboard for a “TRAINTASTIC” Giveaway!

This year for Christmas, guess what my son is asking Santa, Mama and Daddy, Grandma and Papa and any other person who wants to buy him a gift for?? You guessed it, TRAINS. I am beginning to think trains may always be what he is in to. There are worse things it could be I guess.The truth is I am really enjoying building tracks, pretending to be a character from Chuggington (KoKo of course) and … [Read more...]

You Might Be Disorganized……..

Organization, now there's a funny word. As a matter of fact, I pretty much laugh anytime I hear it spoken. I haven't been "organized" since well, I can't even think back that far.I recently looked around my house and decided to put down in writing a few of the ways to know if you might be disorganized. Here are the things to look for.: *If your couch seats four and you can only seat one from … [Read more...]