KOA’s Big 50th Anniversary Giveaway #KOACampfire

KOA Campgrounds

I wanted to share with all the other outdoor enthusiasts like myself about an awesome giveaway from KOA. If you are familiar with camping and KOA, then you may also be aware that this is a big year for the campground.  In 1962, Dave Drum opened his first campground in Montana.  Now, in 2012, KOA […]


Animals of Mount Evans, the Highest Paved Road in North America


As a parent one of the things I enjoy most with my children is exploring new places together.  It is one of the reasons we choose camping as our main method of traveling. Whenever we camp it is hard to not want to be in the great outdoors checking out the local sites.   This […]


How Do you Feel about the Colorado Fire Ban? #KOACampfire


Most people regardless of their location have heard about the High Park Fire burning here in Colorado.    This particular fire has grown to an alarming 50,000 acres plus as of Friday.  That is the equivalent of 78 1/8 square miles! Because of the current high temperatures and lack of moisture in Colorado, the state is at an all time high […]


The Moral of the Story: Pay for a Guide!


I have always had an adventurous spirit when it comes to travel.  From the time I was very young, our family would hook up the travel trailer and take off on the road.  I remember pulling the ice chest in between the seats of our van and talking with my daddy as he drove.  I never could sleep […]


Vacation Locally with a Staycation


I recently asked a group of my Colorado Facebook friends, “If someone came to visit you from another country, what would be some of the first places you would take them in Colorado to show off where you live?”  After hearing some of the answers, I was surprised to discover that after living here for 14 years, […]


Camping? Visit the KOA Community for Great Tipsl


Are you someone that gets excited over spending time with family?  How about making new friends from all over the country?  Do you love the outdoors and sharing stories by the campfire?  If you said yes to any or all of the above comments, then I am guessing you are no stranger to camping.   I have […]