Dear Baby: What I love about you! Book Review

Looking for a cute book to read to your little one? How about a great Valentine's Day gift to tell your child how much you love them? Dear Baby: What I love about you! by Carol Casey just may be the book you are looking for. I was sent Dear Baby: What I love about you! for review. It is written by Carol Casey and illustrated by Jason Oransky.Dear Baby: What I love about you!, is an adorable board … [Read more...]

Light Up Your Child’s Mind Book Review

This review was written by my guest blogger and baby sis: Kimberlee Hussey. Thanks so much :)Light Up Your Child's Mind by Joseph S. Renzulli/Sally M. Reis/ Andrea ThompsonI consider myself a fairly well versed Mom on self help books regarding parenting and education. I am also a former teacher turned stay at home mom. I have now gone full circle and am currently educating my 1st grader at home … [Read more...]

Wizz-e Bringing the Magic of Books to Life!

Reading is such an important thing for a child. I know sometimes as a mom things can get hectic during the day for us. My son loves to play on the computer, but I like for it to be educational and not just all games. I found a website called they are an online site that combines fun with reading.This website allows my son to do something he enjoys while allowing me to not feel guilty. … [Read more...]