Keep Those Kodak Moments Handy!

If you keep up with my blog, then you know that I am addicted to making photo books.  I think they are such a great way to preserve your memories for years to come.  You can tell a story with them or just use them to organize your pictures.  Whatever you decide, they share something about you and your life. I had never ordered a photo book from Kodak Gallery before, but now that I … [Read more...]

What Do you Do with Your Pictures? GIVEAWAY

I know I can’t be the only one that has thousands of pictures downloaded to my computer. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of room and I hardly ever go on to look at them. I am also scared all the time that my computer will crash and I will lose them all. I would love to be able to have the photos printed, but that would be quite expensive with the amount of photos I have. So, instead I create … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*$50 Photoworks Giveaway: Design the Perfect Gift

The winner for this giveaway is comment #194 bmolvai CONGRATS! Thanks to all that entered.I recently created a book by using American Greetings Photoworks online website. You guys may remember reading the post about my experience with creating the Studio Book of my daughters birth story. If not you can go and read it here. Well, I received the finished product in the mail on Friday.The Studio … [Read more...]

American Greetings Studio Books: Picture Perfect!

As a parent I am always looking for a way to showcase my children's pictures. God knows I take enough of them. Unfortunately, they usually just sit on my computer in the Windows Photo Gallery and noone ever gets to see them. American Greetings Photoworks is going to help to change all that for me.American Greetings has a Studio Book that they offer that is perfect for displaying those unseen … [Read more...]