aden + anais Muslin Swaddles Review and Discount

Do you remember watching as the nurse in the hospital swaddled your newborn baby? Well, I do. I also remember thinking, "I am never gonna figure this out." Swaddling was one of the only things that would settle both of my little ones down. Whenever night-time came, we would swaddle them in a receiving blanket. They would go to sleep almost right away. That is, until they moved at all! Then, the … [Read more...]

Zhu Zhu Pet Giveaway: Chunk needs a home:)

I'm just a little hamster looking for a home,When I get let out this box around the house I'll roam.You do not need to feed me or clean my stinky cage,I hear that I'm the Christmas toy that's apparently all the rage.I come in many colors and make some silly sounds,I promise not to make a mess or poopie on the ground.The problem is I'm hard to find, I'm flying off the shelf.No worries though cause … [Read more...]

Viatek PediSpa Review: Pedicure Kit

I have always been envious of people who had beautiful feet. Unfortunately, this was not something I was blessed with. I am always trying to find something that will help with my dry, rough heels. Surely I am not the only one that battles with this.I was sent a PediSpa made by Viatek to review at home. It is an at home pedicure kit that helps to rid your feet of the unwanted roughness. I couldn't … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*The Popcorn Factory Giveaway: Round 2 YUMMY!

The last giveaway with the Popcorn Factory was so much fun, that we decided to do another one! The Popcorn Factory offers gifts for any and all occasions and holidays. I was sent the Popcorn Snowman Snack Assortment for review. The first thing I noticed about it was the adorable tin it was packaged in. It was a 2 gallon tin that was covered in inviting little smiling snowmen. The second thing I … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*Powermat Prize Pack Giveaway (Over $300 Value)..PERFECT GIFT!

Are you looking for a great gift to give your hubby this year? Maybe you are looking for yourself? Well, I have one up for grabs right here on Guessing All the Way. It is one of the hottest media Christmas gifts for this year. It is called the Powermat. Are you tired of tons of cords on every outlet in your home? It is not only messy, but confusing as well. In this day and age, most families have … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*The Learning Tower Giveaway…Best Gift You Can Give Yourself!

Every now and then I find a product that just WOWS me! The Learning Tower is one of those products. I truly don't know how I got by without this product. My sister is the one that actually made me aware of the Learning Tower. Once I saw hers, I had to have one of my own. Boy, does it make a difference!The thing I love most about my Learning Tower is the sense of independence it provides for my … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*Skin Authority GO! Gorgeous Review/Giveaway

The winner of this giveaway is DEB K!! CONGRATS and ENJOY:) Skin Authority and Guessing All the Way have teamed up once again for the holidays. This time I want to introduce you to the Go! Gorgeous skin kit. This comes just in time to be beautiful for those New Year's holiday parties.The Go! Gorgeous kit by Skin Authority includes 4 products. These four products combined together produce younger, … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*Cover Your Hair Review/Giveaway $25 Surprise Hair Accessories

The winner for this giveaway was Fabulocity in Amish Country. CONGRATSIf you have been reading my blog lately, then you have seen the snow pictures I have been posting. I am always looking for a way to keep my head warm in our cold Colorado weather. I was delighted when I was contacted by to do a review of their winter hat. Apparently, they must have been reading my blog too and … [Read more...]

Chocolate: A Love Story Review..Guaranteed to Make you Hungry!

Sometimes a book is just a book, and other times it is something more. This book I was given to review is definitely something more. It is called CHOCOLATE: A LOVE STORY. This book was written by Max Brenner with artwork by Yonatan Factor. It is a compilation of 65 chocolate dessert recipes from Max Brenner's private collection. Are you getting hungry just hearing the word chocolate? Well, wait … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal System Giveaway and Review

The WINNER is: XENIA Good for you! I hope this helps with those smells :)Dirty, Smelly diapers, now there is a topic we can all relate to as moms. For a bit, I had two little one's in diapers. Now that is a smell I won't soon miss. Thank God, my little boy is now all potty trained. Unfortunately, my 10 month old just won't work with me. LOL She is still a little stinker that really knows how to … [Read more...]