#MurphyUSA makes Father’s Day Sweet!

Cold beverages, candy, snacks or gas, whatever your needs may be, Murphy USA is your one stop shop for in and out. This particular day, the kids and I stopped in for a special candy treat. Once inside, we found great specials on the king sized M&M’s. They were priced at 2 for $2.44. It was then that I decided we would pick up a few extra bags to make a special Father’s Day treat for my … [Read more...]

Did Someone Say S’mores? Yes, I Did!

Hershey’s chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, any guess what I would be making?  Of course you do, S’mores!  Even if you don’t love camping or the outdoors, I am betting S’mores are something you wouldn’t pass up. There is something about S’mores that brings family and friends together.  I mean I don’t think I have ever seen anyone making S’mores alone, though I don’t … [Read more...]

Chocolate, the Perfect gift for the Holidays

Each year at Christmas time my sister, mom and brother-in-law have all come to expect one specific gift in addition to what they ask for. Chocolate! In our house we love the Hershey's Pot of Gold Chocolates. The Premium Collection is one of our favorite, although I really love the ones with the caramel and nuts.As a matter of fact, as we pass out presents on Christmas morning, we always laugh … [Read more...]

A Balanced Lifestyle with Chocolate? GIVEAWAY

Lately I have been much more aware of the portion sizes I am eating. It is probably because I’ve noticed I eat way more than any adult female should. It used to not affect me much, but that is because I had a nursing baby consuming a lot of my calories. Unfortunately, now things are beginning to change.The website Moderation Nation is a national consumer education campaign sponsored by the Hershey … [Read more...]