Be Prepared with a Cold, Cough and Flu Kit. #FloridaOJ

Do you like to be prepared for anything that may come your way in life?  Do you travel with an emergency kit in your car in case you ever become stranded?  When you know a storm is coming, do you purchase food, batteries and extra matches to make sure you will have everything you need?  I know those are all things that I usually prepare for, so why is it that I don't regularly prepare for the cold … [Read more...]

Happy young lady standing on beach with hands out stretched

Creating a better Routine (Guest Post by Sandra Goldstein)

With the holiday break a distant memory many of us are falling into a normal routine. Shopping for food on Sundays, heading to work on the same bus every morning and watching the same TV programs. But the problem is that many of fall into unhealthy routines. Why not change the smaller aspects of your life to create a new lifestyle. The Morning Waking up late and getting that little bit of … [Read more...]

Late Night Cravings? Try Fiber One 80 Calories Cereal

Are there others out there that struggle with the late night munchies? Almost every night it’s the same routine for me, Put the kids down for bed Sit on the couch to begin working Watch television, which is why I don’t get enough work done btw!  (I’ll save that for another post) Grab something to snack on When you have one hand stuffing potato chips in your mouth at 2 a.m., … [Read more...]

A Balanced Lifestyle with Chocolate? GIVEAWAY

Lately I have been much more aware of the portion sizes I am eating. It is probably because I’ve noticed I eat way more than any adult female should. It used to not affect me much, but that is because I had a nursing baby consuming a lot of my calories. Unfortunately, now things are beginning to change.The website Moderation Nation is a national consumer education campaign sponsored by the Hershey … [Read more...]