I Have a Winner’s Announcement

Okay, so I know you are all wanting to hear about some winners, so here they are.The people that will be having clean & spotless dishes for their holiday entertaining are:Comment #35 KittypolishnbagsComment #4 RannyjeanComment #16 Bella@ If this is MotherhoodComment #23 CassieComment #37 Karenmed409Thanks to FINISH Quantum and Jet Dry for providing my readers with their products through Mom … [Read more...]

Doing Dishes Made Easy GIVEAWAY

I love the holiday season. It is a time for celebrations and families getting together. The only downfall to the celebrating part is the dirty dishes after the fact.This year we had Thanksgiving at our house. Anyone who has ever hosted a Thanksgiving celebration knows the amount of dishes your guests leave behind. That is why I use FINISH Quantum and JET-DRY Turbo Dry to get them all … [Read more...]