Look at all these Cars! #goCars2

On the fourth the kids and I decided that we would take daddy to go see Cars 2. We had gone to see it on opening day, but my hubby had to work. He was bummed, so we thought we would make it up to him. Once again, I hopped onto Fandango.com and purchased our tickets in advance. I love the ease of already having my tickets purchased when I arrive. Since I have the AMC Stubs card, I also avoid the … [Read more...]

#Fandango: Your own Ticket Agent at your Fingertips. Giveaway!

This week the kids and I went to see two movies. Since it was just the 3 of us, I wanted to simplify things as much as possible. Lines of any kind are not my friend with a two and four year old in tow.One line I am always able to avoid is the ticket line. Thank goodness to, because when we arrived at the theater on opening day for Cars 2 you can imagine the wait to purchase tickets.Luckily, there … [Read more...]

I Love Announcing Winners!

I hope all you guys had a wonderful holiday weekend. I know my family enjoyed all the fun stuff the Easter Bunny left us:)Now I have a few winners to announce. So congratulations go out to the three winners below.Comment #168 409cope is the winner of the 18" Pearl Necklace from PurePearls.com. I am sure you will look beautiful wearing your new necklace.Comment #2 One Crazy Group is the winner … [Read more...]