Video Chats with Family

Don’t Just Say Mother’s Day, Skype it!

With families being spread out all over the world, staying in touch has become more and more of a challenge.   I am constantly trying to figure out ways to keep our family close, no matter how far apart in miles we may be. Back when I was younger, if you lived apart from family you wrote letters, mailed pictures and paid a fortune in long distance phone calls to stay connected.  Since these … [Read more...]

Make Up Your Mind Already!

My husband and I have one conversation that happens almost nightly. It goes a little something like this:Are any of you guys as bad as me about making decisions. It is definitely a trait of mine that drives my hubby crazy. What do you do that drives your significant other a bit nuts? … [Read more...]

Aren’t you Proud of us?

Okay you guys, I am going to tell you something and I don't want to be judged for it. I have had both my children in the bed with me since the day they were born. There, it's out there and I don't care:) There has just never really been the need for baby cribs in my home. I have always been a little lot paranoid when it comes to my babies. "What if they get sick and need me?" " What if … [Read more...]

Cottonelle Just Got Better! Go Team Roll Over..

If you read my previous post about toilet paper, then you already know that I am a roll over kind of girl. I have my dad to thank for that. He has always been a member of Team Roll Over. Apparently most of America is part of Team Over:) Finally, after 30 something years I have made it to being part of the "In" crowd. It's about time!When I wrote my last post I told you about the new toilet paper … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*Anyone for Game Night Giveaway! ($75 ARV)

The winner for this giveaway is comment #115 Desiree:) Enjoy and Congrats!!Growing up one of my favorite things to do with my family was family game night! It is very important to me to keep up this tradition with my family now that I have kids as well. They are a little young to understand many games right now, but when they are ready I will have a huge collection of games just waiting. … [Read more...]

Not Wordless But Wednesday…..What Defines Beauty?

What determines BEAUTY? Is beauty determined by our outward appearance? Is it determined by our weight, height? How about our eye color or hair color? Unfortunately, the sad truth is beauty is defined by all of these things. When did we lose sight of the big picture when it comes to beauty? I am not talking about the beauty that fades, but the lasting beauty!I read a blog post yesterday that was … [Read more...]

California Pizza Kitchen: Small Craving for your Hungry Appetite!

It is time for me to write another post that gets your mouths watering. I just love making you guys hungry!California Pizza Kitchen has a menu that offers a little bit of everything...everything delicious that is. I was asked if I would like to visit California Pizza Kitchen with my family to try out their new Small Cravings menu. Well, you know I am not about to turn down food, especially … [Read more...]