cottonelle Name It Contest

Help Cottonelle Name Their Care Routine!

If you were to find the ultimate combination for your bathroom routine, what would you call it?  Well, that is exactly what Cottonelle is asking people to help them do.  Cottonelle would like help creating the perfect name for what they consider the perfect duo! I recently tried both the Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper and Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes so I could become … [Read more...]

Enter Crane Humidifiers “Name That Toon” Contest

Crane humidifiers adorn almost every room in our home.  I love them because not only do they work, they also have designs that can fit any décor. Their latest addition to their humidifiers is one that looks like an owl.  It has got to be one of my favorites.  It would be perfect for a babies nursery. Since I enjoy them so much, I wanted to share a great contest they currently have … [Read more...]

Too Tired for Words Tonight…….

Hey Guys,I wanted to write a quick post to let you know that I was going to do a post tonight on an amazing product I have to giveaway. Unfortunately, I wrote the review on paper and now I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open to type it.And no, my review is not boring me to sleep! At least I hope that is not what it is or the sponsor won't be very happy with me. I am so sleepy right now, I … [Read more...]

Baby Orajel: Baby’s First Tooth Photo Sweepstakes

I know lots of us have little ones that have gone through teething. As a matter of fact, I have one right now going through it. I actually just found out that more babies begin teething in March than any other time of the year. It is not a fun time, but those pictures of that first tooth make it almost all worth it. The makers of Baby Orajel, the best stuff in the world for teething babies are … [Read more...]

Help Real Moms….Real Views by voting TODAY:)

Calling on all of my awesome readers to help Hollie over at Real Moms.....Real Views. She is entered in the Web’s Top Giveaway Blog Contest. She is currently in 2nd place and behind by only a few votes! Hollie is a very sweet gal that has ALWAYS been very good to me! I would love if you would take the time to vote for her by clicking this link. If you vote, please give yourself 2 extra entries in … [Read more...]

"Official Sponsor of Everything You Do Without Heartburn" program

I recently agreed to write a post about the "Official Sponsor of Everything You Do Without Heartburn" program. Usually I wouldn't choose to write about heartburn, but unfortunately it is something I suffer from on a regular basis. Therefore, I thought there were probably others of you just like me who might like to read about what Prilosec OTC is offering.Prilosec OTC is a medication that I am all … [Read more...] is Hosting a "Valentine’s Day" Contest

Have you guys seen the previews for the big movie coming out for Valentine's Day? Ironically, it is called "Valentine's Day". It is a film by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures’. I am so excited about it! I swear, I don't think there is one person in Hollywood that was not cast for this movie. It has favorites like Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx, but that is just the tip of the … [Read more...]

Frigidaire Spin & Win Giveaway: Support Save the Children

I wanted to pass along a great cause that is being hosted by Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner. They are teaming up once again to support Save the Children, an organization dedicated to helping children living in poverty in the United States.Frigidaire is giving away a prize every day through there Spin & Win Giveaway. The Grand Prize of course is a BRAND NEW Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer! … [Read more...]

T.J. Maxx and Marshalls: Designer items for LESS!

Can you believe how quickly the holidays are coming this year? Are you still looking for some of those last minute gifts? Well, time is running out with only 13 more shopping days left before Christmas. If you celebrate Hanukkah, then you are really in trouble. Let me help you out!If you have not visited T.J. Maxx and Marshalls yet, then head there to finish up! Every year at the holidays, it is … [Read more...]

"Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend."

I was feeling so sad that I was missing all the excitement of going to BlogHer 09. Then, I saw a tweet telling me that Cozi wanted to sponsor 15 people that had not gone to BlogHer for $100. Well, that will change a girls mood right away! Thanks Cozi for hearing all our cries of sadness and woe and coming to our aid. Go to Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1 for all the details.....Here are the "Top 10 … [Read more...]