Spot Early Signs Your Teen is Struggling.

Teenage depression is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, so when I received this post in my inbox, I knew I wanted to share it with you guys. My prayer is that it will be seen by a person who may be able to use the information to help someone they love. Increased Stress Puts More Teens at Risk, Doctor Warns Spot Early Signs Your Teen is Struggling – Before It Gets Bad Adolescence is … [Read more...]

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Mindful Meditation in Relationships

I thought with this being Valentine's Day, it might be a good time to share an article by Jeff Cannon author of The Simple Truth about relationships.   I found a lot of truth in his words and hope to apply some of them in my personal relationship.  See what you guys think.... You can find Jeff's book for purchase at Mindful Meditation in Relationships Relationships aren’t … [Read more...]

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Resolutions Won’t Change your 2012, but You Can!

Guest Post by Jeff Cannon author of The Simple Truth.  You can find Jeff's book for purchase at Life is not changed in the earth shattering decisions you make from time to time.  It is changed through the little decisions you make every day.  In the same way, the resolutions you made last month will not change your 2012.  Instead it is the little choices you make to supports those … [Read more...]

The Honeymoon’s Over, so What’s Next?

I love food and there are certain dishes that I think I could eat every single night.  However, the truth is after about the third or fourth night of the same meal (no matter how good it was) I would probably be ready for a change.  I may add salt and pepper or a new ingredient like hot sauce to spice things up a bit, but either way I would need something a little different. I’m starting to … [Read more...]


Guest Post: Praying for Strangers by River Jordan

Praying for Strangers by River Jordan The Berkley Publishing Group REVIEW WRITTEN BY LINDA RHOTEN I believe this book is awe inspiring.  I honestly believe this book could change my life and the lives of many other people.  Synopsis: River Jordan is having a hard time focusing on what God wants her to do in the 2008 holiday season.   River is someone who usually by … [Read more...]

I Guess I’m an “Idiot” and a “Dummy”? #socialmediahelp

Do you want tips on how to engage your readers on Facebook, become more active on Twitter and manage your time in general to achieve the best results? I have been working on my blog for over two years now, so you would think I would know more about social media than I do.  However, just like my name says, I am a “clueless mama” in more ways than one. Since my site takes up so much of my … [Read more...]

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The Whole Package by Cynthia Ellingsen Book Review

  Thank you so much inviting me to guest blog today. I am the author of The Whole Package, a novel about friendship and family that I hope your readers will just love. The Whole Package tells the story of three best friends who lose everything. Jackie loses her fortune, Cheryl loses her job and Doris loses her husband. In an effort to bounce back, they open a restaurant staffed by … [Read more...]

Supernatural Reads for the summer.

All three of the above books are part of “The Dark Days of Supernatural” Tour.   I was sent copies of all three to check out for my summer reading.  Now if I could just keep the kids busy long enough to try and read a book.  I have skimmed through them at this point and have decided that Something Deadly This Way Comes by Kim Harrison will be my first to read.  I am not … [Read more...]

Here, Home, Hope Book Review: A Great Read

Once again, I have an excellent read to share with you!!  I really have been stuck in a rut.  I read the same authors over and over, never thinking to try someone new.  If you are like me, please BRANCH  OUT!! I have already read two (2) amazingly wonderful summer reads and I have never read either of these authors before.  I probably never would have known about them if … [Read more...]

Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier Book Review

Slow Dancing on Price’s PierBy Lisa DaleI sat down a couple of days ago to write this review on the book, Slow Dancing on Price's Pier, by Lisa Dale, published by Berkley Books, New York. I had not read the book at the time. I like to look through the book and get a little familiar with it before I write a review, see if it peaks my interest. I started doing that with Slow Dancing on Price's Pier … [Read more...]