A Young Adult Novel Review, The Divine One by Danielle R. Mani

The Divine One

Do you enjoy young adult novels?  I have read a couple in the last month or two and have become a fan.  Part of it is that they are usually pretty quick reads.  Most of the time, I can finish one in a week or less.  Since time isn’t on my side these days that […]


Dark Hope: Book One of the Archangel Prophecies #Review

Dark Hope Book Cover

I was never one that was really into young adult novels until the Twilight series.  It was then that I became one of those thirty-something year old adults that read the books late into the wee morning hours.  I’m not ashamed to say that I love the book series and can’t wait until my daughter […]


Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline Book Review

Keep Quiet Lisa Scottoline

How important is it for you to be the cool parent?  For Jake Buckman, who is trying to connect with with his 16 year old son, it’s very important.  Unfortunately, his gesture to earn some points with Ryan leads to an unforeseen diaster.  The book, Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline definitely has parents thinking just how […]


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige Book Review

Dorothy Must Die

The Wizard of Oz, with sweet and innocent Dorothy, the Tin Man who gets his heart, the Scarecrow with his new brain and the lion who is finally able to acquire courage. If this is the Oz you are used to, as many of us are, then brace yourself.  In the new book, Dorothy Must […]


7 Years Younger: The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet Book

7 Years Younger Diet

I am not sure about you guys, but it seems like everyone I know, including myself is always “starting” a diet. Planning a vacation, going on a diet….. Summer is close, going on a diet…… My comfy pants are feeling tight, going on a diet….. I seem to fail at diets more than I succeed, […]


Mindfulness Workbook for Dummies Review

Mindfulness Workbook for Dummies

I recently read that experts say between 75 to 90% of all doctors visits are for stress related conditions?  That is an alarming number, to which I am definitely a part of.  For that reason, I am always looking for natural solutions to help me to deal with stress and anxiety.  It’s really like a full […]


Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline Audiobook Review

Dont Go

Anytime I begin a book, it is important to me that it grabs me right from the start.  Since I had never read a Lisa Scottoline book, I wasn’t sure what to expect in her writing.  It didn’t take her longer than the first chapter with Don’t Go to create a book that I knew […]




I used to be the type of person that only enjoyed reading a good fiction book.  However, since becoming a mom, I now enjoy reading books that help me to learn about being the best parent I can be.   No matter what I think I know about raising a family, I have figured out […]


Joy-Worthy by Julie McGrath Book Review


I was recently sent a book to check out called Joy-Worthy: A mother’s guide to more joy, less stress and no guilt.  I agreed to try reading it, because what mother doesn’t want to experience all the things written in the title. However, after reading through the first couple of pages, I quickly realized that […]


Children’s Books on Love for Valentine’s Day

Huggy Kissy

I have noticed a lot of things about kids since becoming a mom.  One of those things is that children either love something into the ground or get bored with it after a few days.  At least, that is how things work around our home. One of the ways I try to deal with this […]