The Ultimate Blog Party 2010! WOOHOO

Hello Everybody! I have decided to join in on the Ultimate Blog Party that I am seeing all over. I guess I really am CLUELESS, because I didn't even know anything about it until today. So if you are like me and didn't know about it, visit 5 Minutes for Mom and learn everything you need to know about how to join in!If you were smart enough to already know about it, then why didn't you tell me?? … [Read more...]

Getting to Know you! Come and Find Some New Friends!

Hi there guys! I am so excited to be joining up this week with Friday Follow brought to us by Midday Escapades, One to Try and Hearts Making Families. Please take a look around while you are here. You will find a mix of some great reviews/giveaways as well as stories about me and my family.I look forward to getting to know you and your blogs. Don't forget to leave a comment here letting me know … [Read more...]

3 Things About Me….That you probably wish you didn’t know!

I am about to tell you, my trusted readers, three things you don't know about me. The reason you probably don't know them is because, well I don't like people to know just how strange I am. (Just wait...) I am going to pick three of the most unusual things about me. Why, because what fun would it be if I didn't. You don't want to know normal things about me. You want to know the things that one … [Read more...]