Invisalign, the “Clear” Choice for Teeth Straightening

Metal Braces

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Invisalign has made such a difference in the way we think of braces.  I can remember back to being a little girl and putting foil all over my teeth, because I wanted braces so badly.  After two stints of being in […]


Neutrogena “Spring Cleaning” Twitter Party, May 16th


There are certain things that I am always open to learning about.  One of those things is discovering new ways to take care of my skin.   No matter how old I get, I am fully aware that there is usually something else I didn’t know. (In more ways than one.) For that reason, I […]


neuLash and neuBrow Product Review

neuLash and neuBrow

*I received a sample of neuLash and neuBrow to give my honest review. As I have aged, I have noticed a lot of things about my appearance.  Most of the things I have experienced are things that I expected, such as wrinkles around my eyes and the occasional grey hairs, but others came as a […]


Mary Kay Mascara: Yay or Nay?

Mary Kay Lash Love

With the holidays, comes office parties, family portraits and parties with friends/family.  Looking good all of a sudden becomes especially important, probably because all of these events come with camera bearing guests. One of the best ways to look good in pictures is to make sure that your eyes pop. Having beautiful, thick, long lashes […]


Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light: After Four Weeks of Use

After Tria Blue Light

One thing that I strive for on a regular basis is a clear complexion.  I mean who doesn’t?   I have heard that using blue light therapy is a great way to work towards accomplishing that, so I decided to give it a try.  Here is my experience after using the Tria Skin Perfecting Blue […]


Breakouts at Any Age Aren’t Fun.


There are certain times when I find myself looking in a mirror and wondering what happened to my skin.  As a teenager, I had a fairly nice complexion.  Oh, I had the occasional breakouts during my special girl visit, but other than that, my skin didn’t have many issues.  I remember girls talking about how […]


What Makes My Mom Beautiful. #Giveaway


When you think about the important things your mom taught you growing up, what are some of the first things that come to mind?  For me, I don’t have a lot of memories from when I was a small child, but I do remember the things that matter most. I can think back to my […]


My 4 Week Review for Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford


What is it that you look for when finding the right skincare?  Are you most concerned with the price, the amount of products you will have to use or finding the skincare that matches your individual needs?  Any of the previous concerns would be considered reasonable things to desire in your skincare line.  Unfortunately, finding products that fit […]


Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford Review


No matter how young a person may feel on the inside, trying to appear younger on the outside takes a bit more work.  Finding the perfect skincare line for your skin type is one of the most important steps you can take in battling the signs of aging. Investing in things like Botox or Restylane […]


Neosporin Essentials Review: Help with Eczema


When you have children the last thing you want is to ever see them in discomfort.  I should know, because I have two that suffer from eczema, especially during the winter months.  While theirs is not extreme, it is still very irritating for them. My poor little girl has the small bumps on both of […]