I Have a Winner’s Announcement

Okay, so I know you are all wanting to hear about some winners, so here they are.The people that will be having clean & spotless dishes for their holiday entertaining are:Comment #35 KittypolishnbagsComment #4 RannyjeanComment #16 Bella@ If this is MotherhoodComment #23 CassieComment #37 Karenmed409Thanks to FINISH Quantum and Jet Dry for providing my readers with their products through Mom … [Read more...]

Technology and Agloves Go Hand and Hand Giveaway

I was very excited when I was asked to review the new Agloves. I am a technology lover!! When computers came out, a lot of women my age shied away from them, but not me. I was one of the first to get one and had my daughter stay up all weekend teaching me to use it.When I got my first cell phone, WOW!! Now, I have an iPhone and it is just amazing. It has changed my life enormously. The GPS another … [Read more...]