How is Your Green Thumb? Let Scotts Gro-ables Help.


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gro-ables for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. When it comes to gardening, I guess you could say that my green thumb is a bit unpredictable.  It’s something that I look forward to every year nonetheless.  Sometimes the outcome of my gardening is a […]


These are a Few of My Favorite Things….What are Yours?

Disney Celebration

While watching The Sound of Music with my kiddos last weekend, I got one of the songs stuck in my head.  It’s the song, “These are a Few of My Favorite Things” that Maria sang to the kids during the thunderstorm.  It made me begin to think about what some of my favorite things are.  I don’t […]


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige Book Review

Dorothy Must Die

The Wizard of Oz, with sweet and innocent Dorothy, the Tin Man who gets his heart, the Scarecrow with his new brain and the lion who is finally able to acquire courage. If this is the Oz you are used to, as many of us are, then brace yourself.  In the new book, Dorothy Must […]


Details for Kohls Peter Som Watch & Shop Google Hangout #PeterSomForKohls

Peter Som

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kohl’s. I received a gift card as a thank you for participating” Kohl’s is one of my favorite stores because they have such a variety of things for every member of my family.   Shopping at Kohl’s provides me with great fashion at […]


DELIVERY MAN starring Vince Vaughn in Stores Now.

Delivery Man

What would you do if one day you woke up to find that you were the father to over 500 children?  I am guessing it would be quite the shock!  If not, you may want to slow down on your sexual activity.  i’m just sayin’, that’s a lot of kiddos! This actually happens to Vince […]


Quaker Breakfast Shakes with 10g Protein. Get a $2 Off Coupon

Quaker Breakfast Shake

This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Most mornings I am rushing around getting kids ready for school, which doesn’t leave me with much time to sit down and have a healthy breakfast.  I guess I could get up earlier to make more time, but the truth […]


7 Years Younger: The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet Book

7 Years Younger Diet

I am not sure about you guys, but it seems like everyone I know, including myself is always “starting” a diet. Planning a vacation, going on a diet….. Summer is close, going on a diet…… My comfy pants are feeling tight, going on a diet….. I seem to fail at diets more than I succeed, […]


Is Your Dog or Cat Overweight? Giveaway from Hill’s #HillsPet

cat metabolic

Have you ever felt the need to tell someone my dog isn’t fat, she just looks that way because she has so much fur.   Or how about, my cat still has it’s winter fur, he/she will look smaller when summer gets here?  If so, you may want to keep reading. Surprisingly enough in the […]


Kids Messy First Moments? Share Them in the Clorox Bleach It Away Contest

First M&M's

What is the first thing that happens when you dress your child in a crisp, new white shirt?  You end up with a messy child, right?  It seems like there is no way around it.  That makes for a lot of “bleachable moments” over the years. As I thought about some of the most outrageous […]


My Disney Side is All About Fun!

Disneyside desserts

Have you ever been asked to share what your “Disney Side” is like?  I was recently challenged with this question and I had to think about it for a minute.  There are so many things about Disney that I love, but everything I thought of kept circling around to the same thing, FUN! The kind […]