#SitterMe app Babysitting made easy

How to Get More “Us” Time and a $50 Visa Giveaway! #SitterMe

This is a sponsored post through The Motherhood on behalf of the Sitter.me app.  All opinions within the post are 100% my own. My friend and I drove together to a field trip this past week.  As we chatted about her upcoming plans with her husband, I realized that my husband and I needed to get a life!  I am pretty sure that the two of us are not getting enough "us" time.  Sadly enough, my friend … [Read more...]

Modern Farmhouse Collection at Gordmans

Decorating Made Easy with Great Collections from Gordmans

When I think about home decor, one of the first stores to pop into my mind is Gordmans.  Gordmans' never ceases to amaze me with the wide variety of products they offer.  When I last visited their store this past week, I was able to pick up the perfect gift for my nieces birthday.  Of all things, I found a CAT LAMP!!  It was so cute and unique and made one little 9 year old girl extremely … [Read more...]

Sir Bananas Bananamilk Pancakes

A Breakfast Recipe That You Will Go Bananas Over!

This blog post was sponsored by Sir Bananas, but the opinions found within my blog are my own. I never knew that milk could be made from bananas, but guess what, it can!  I was recently sent samples of a new milk to hit the Denver market called Sir Bananas Bananamilk.  Yep, it's true and even better, it's delicious.  I was excited to see that Colorado was added to one of the 4 areas that Sir … [Read more...]

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book: Not What I Expected!

I hate to admit it, but The Jungle Book is the first Disney movie I have not been excited to see in theaters.  It was not one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid, so I guess I assumed I wouldn't enjoy this version either.  Boy was I completely wrong!  It was the best Disney movie I have seen lately, and that is saying a lot since I love Disney. I have my daughter to thank for persuading me to … [Read more...]

Viva, Cottonelle, Scott Products #Springcleaning

Tips for a Successful Annual Spring Clean!

This post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood.  However, all writing and opinions are my own entirely. It's finally here....SPRING!  A beautiful time of year when everything around begins to come to life again.  It's also when I start to get the fever for a little annual spring cleaning.  Truly it is the one time of year when I get excited about decluttering and deep cleaning every … [Read more...]

#Homeselfe app

A Selfie That Saves Me Money, Homeselfe

Putting myself on a budget has never been something I was good with.  However, I love when I can find ways to cut down on bills without much effort.  I was recently approached by Homeselfe and asked if I would like to learn more about their app. Homeselfe is an app designed to analyze each room in your home to see how efficient they are.  The app also shares tips that can be used throughout the … [Read more...]

Safe storage of marijuana #GoodtoKnow

Information that is #GoodToKnow about Retail Marijuana

This post is Sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. While it has been quite some time since I was a teenager, I definitely remember that time in my life.  Oh it had its enjoyable moments, my first kiss, the excitement of making a good grade and the feeling of being invincible. But overall it was a time of confusion, … [Read more...]

The Choice Book #TheChoiceChat

Did you Make “The Choice” for a Movie Night? #TheChoiceChat

“This post was sponsored by Lionsgate as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.” When you read a book do you ever wonder if the author is anything like the books he writes?  I personally do that all the time and let me tell you I'm in love with Nicholas Sparks.  I have convinced myself that he has to be an amazing man. … [Read more...]

#SnowWhite on Blu-ray

Family Night with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was one of the first Disney movies I ever remember watching growing up.  I thought she was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen.  I was also so jealous that she had the ability to talk to animals.  I wanted to be just like her.  As it turns out several of my current friends have nicknamed me Snow White because of my love for animals.  Now if only I could … [Read more...]

#TheFinestHours Movie by Disney Pendleton Ship

Why Would Disney Call the Movie The Finest Hours?

As I was in the theater watching The Finest Hours I couldn't help but think to myself, "Why did Disney title this movie this way?"  I mean if I was sent off in a small wooden boat (36 ft) on one of the stormiest and cold nights on a rescue mission that I would probably never return from, what would be so fine about that?  I'm going to go with absolutely nothing! All I could feel for the men … [Read more...]