“The whole tooth about babies’ mouths”

Pediatric Oral Care – Guest Post, Dr. Beverly A. Largent, Member and Spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatric DentistryAs a parent, there is an endless number of decisions to make and things to remember within your infant’s first year of life. From diapers to baby food, pediatricians to daycare, it can be tough to determine your priorities among all the hustle and bustle of everyday … [Read more...]

Smooth & Dreamy….

Smooth & Dreamy....Fat Free, 1/2 Fat, No-Sugar Added, Bars & Sandwiches.Who else could be responsible for making something this yummy other than Breyers? I had the opportunity to try the Smooth & Dreamy Bars in the flavor Vanilla Caramel Chip.The Vanilla Caramel Chip Bars are the perfect size for when you are craving just the right amount of sweetness. Each bar contains only 6 grams of … [Read more...]

One Month to Go…

Believing in yourself is such a huge part of everything you do in life. I have been training for the upcoming Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk for the past 5 weeks. Although, I am not sure I would really call it training because of my surgery setback. I am just short of a month before I will be taking my journey of 20 miles a day for 3 days. I will admit things have not gone quite as I had planned.When … [Read more...]

Taking a Break from Groundhog’s Day!

My sister and I tease each other all the time that it feels like Groundhog's Day around our homes. The kids wake up every morning with the same requests, fights with siblings and of course their favorite saying, "I'm hungry."Most mornings it feels like I struggle to find things that my children will eat. It is always the same stuff every day. Wouldn't it be nice to have something to switch up … [Read more...]

*CLOSED* Back to School with Carolina Pad Giveaway

The winner of Carolina Pad is Comment #157 Shala_darkstone Congratulations and THANKS to all that entered.Back to School! This phrase can be pretty intimidating and yet exciting to children at the same time. Back to school means making new friends and reuniting with old ones, meeting new teachers and of course new school supplies.New school supplies is definitely one of the perks about "Back to … [Read more...]

*CLOSED*Time to Cool Off! Popsicle Giveaway 10 Winners

The 10 winners are: Comments #9 Maria, #34 Jennifer, #21 Hollowsins, #45 VickeC, #15 debbie, #49 Coriwestphal, #3 AprilV, #57 trixx, #61 Tylerpants, #6 TraceyHope these yummy treats help you guys cool off:)Things are really starting to heat up this summer, so what better way to cool things down than with a Popsicle giveaway?Popsicle has always been a favorite treat of mine and now it is a favorite … [Read more...]

Strapless, Backless, Low-Cut? Why Not! Giveaway

Comment #10 Hana is the winner of the three Braza Products! I hope the tape helps with those strapless dresses:)Low-Cut, backless, strapless....These words describe every article of clothing I used to shy away from. Why? Because finding the proper undergarment was always too much of a chore. I had the fear of straps showing, bulging, pulling, well you get the picture.Braza, a company that has … [Read more...]

Coincidence…I Think Not!

Hidden outside of Washington D.C., there are buildings on roads that supposedly do not exist on a map and are more secure than the White House itself. What are their purpose and why do they exist? Many can speculate as to their purpose, but does anyone really know? The answer would be no, unless you are one of the privileged few who dares to know. Of course, with that much knowledge comes great … [Read more...]

Toys to Foster Creativity and Fun: Pop On Pals

Imagination and fun go hand in hand. Pop On Pals helps to create both for your young children.Pop On Pals by Spin Master are a fun new toy designed for children age 2 and up. They create all types of "Popabilities" for keeping your kiddos entertained. You can create an exciting town full of vehicles, pets and even an amusement park.I received the amusement park for my children to review. It comes … [Read more...]

Summer Fun 911

BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNE, CONTENT DIRECTOR www.TimetoPlayMag.comHere we are more than halfway through the summer, and many parents are wracking their brains trying to figure out things for their kids to do. My mom, who had 4 rambunctious boys, had a unique perspective on it. She didn’t think it was her job to do that.. Her response to a complaint of “we’re bored” was “No, you’re not. You’ve got three … [Read more...]