*CLOSED* Regain a Healthy Mood Naturally with SAM-e: Giveaway

Comment #8 Yonca, you are the winner! Congrats:) I hope you enjoy the product. I can't wait to hear about the results.When you think of vitamin supplements, one of the first brands to come to mind is probably Nature Made. However, when you think of good health you think of taking Vitamin D, Calcium or something along those lines.You may or may not have heard about a product called SAM-e. It too is … [Read more...]

*CLOSED* Bob Books Site Words Giveaway: 2 Winners

The two winners of the Bob Books are: Comment #56 Emily Taylor and Comment #35 ALH1203. Thanks Ladies! I hope you enjoy the books with your family.Watching as my son grows and begins to really enjoy reading has been so exciting. Not only for me, but for him as well. One of our favorite times together is when we snuggle up and read a book.He has recently started sounding out words on his own. He … [Read more...]

Who Doesn’t like Corelle Dinnerware? $50 CSN Giveaway

My family and I just got our first travel trailer and I am beyond excited. We have been talking about it for a while now, but just decided it was the right time for us recently.My husband headed to Iowa this past week to pick it up. It is now sitting in our driveway waiting for our big inaugural trip. I never thought about all the stuff we would need to purchase to get it ready for the road. It is … [Read more...]

*CLOSED* Music for the Whole Family Giveaway: 2 Winners!

The two winners of Kidz Bop 18 are: Comment #23 jenspurg and #42 RJ! CONGRATSAs a mom of toddlers, I find myself guilty of driving and singing songs that are not appropriate for young ears. I can't help it, the tunes are catchy and the beat is easy to sing along with. However, that all changes the first time your 3 year old sings out " I want to be a billionaire, so flippin' bad". At that point, … [Read more...]

My Tummy Feels Good!

Lately, I have heard so much about probiotics and the benefits they have on the body. I was actually even prescribed Culturelle Probiotics once when I was having stomach issues. I am not one to take a lot of medications, so I decided against picking any up.However, I was approached recently to do a review on Culturelle. I was going to be heading to Mexico, so I decided I would give it a try. Every … [Read more...]

*CLOSED* Scholastic Children’s Dictionary Back-To-School Blog Tour: $100 Giveaway

Comment #601 Coriwestphal is the winner of the giveaway: CONGRATS!! Thanks to everyone that took the time to enter.Welcome to Stop #7 on the Scholastic Children's Dictionary Back-To-School Blog Tour. If you are following along on this exciting tour, then you have been learning some very valuable lessons. The lessons have included things like nutrition, fashion, literacy and more. If you haven't … [Read more...]

My Living Stories: $25 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!

CONGRATS to comment #93 barbara.montyj: You are the winner of the giveaway. I hope you enjoy your Living Stories! Let's face it, children these days are better with electronics than we ever were growing up. I didn't even own a cell phone until after I graduated high school. Even then, they were nothing like the iPhone of today.Today, you see children who can't even read carrying around their … [Read more...]

Fundraiser Giveaway….Help Find a Cure!

Most people will know someone in their lifetime that has been affected by breast cancer. It's sad, but true! With the number being something like 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. There is hope though! Hope that your loved one will not have to suffer with this horrible illness. Hope that you will never face breast cancer. Hope that a cure will be found. … [Read more...]

Britax Chaperone Giveaway: Don’t miss it!

I am sure there have got to be some moms of little ones out there that would just LOVE to stroll around their child in a Britax Chaperone infant car seat and a Chaperone stroller. Am I right?Well, one of my blogging friends is hosting an amazing giveaway on her site for just that. It is a $470 value! It gets even better, because you get your choice of fabric. I have gone and read her review of … [Read more...]

Who Likes Clean?

Knowing that my home is germ-free is so important, especially now that I have children. I had never really even thought of purchasing a steam vapor cleaner, until recently. Now of course I want one very badly.I have been reading up on the Ladybug Steam Vapor Cleaners. I can't believe everything they offer. My favorite is their best seller the Ladybug XL2300.Since I have never personally tried … [Read more...]