Fitbit One, Time to Get Moving!

By the time March rolls around,  New Year’s Resolutions are either still going strong, or were last thought of January 2nd.  Unfortunately, for most of us, it is the latter of the two.  It can be a frustrating thing to deal with year after year, so this year I have been trying especially hard to stay on track.

If you read my earlier post in January, then you know that one way I am doing this is by tackling things a little at a time.  Since I have been following through with better eating habits and adding exercise to my weekly routine, I have decided it is time to add a third step. (literally)

In order to become more accountable and track my progress, I have begun to use a product called Fitbit One.

Fitbit One is a small unit that does much more than just count the number of steps I take daily.  It is a wireless activity and sleep tracker.  (I’ll tell you more in a future post)

I have been using the Fitbit One for a little over a week at this point.  It is amazing for me to see how active (or inactive) I am in a single day.  It actually explains a lot about why I am not at the weight I would like to be.

When I am wearing my Fitbit One, it makes me motivated to try and outdo myself each day.  When I go to a store, I now park much further back, rather than looking for the closest spot possible.  I have also been taking stairs, versus an escalator/elevator.  Hey, when you are tracking yourself, each step counts.


The first day that I received my 5,000 steps walked badge, I was so proud of myself.  Yes, I actually received an email congratulating me on 5,000 steps walked.   Do you know that the average person should walk at least 10,000 steps a day.  At least, that seems to be the number I hear thrown around most often.

Therefore, I am going to begin working my way up to the 10,000 steps mark.  As I mentioned earlier, I don’t plan on doing it overnight, because that just sets me up for failure.  Instead, I will start with actively trying to do 500-1,000 more steps on a regular basis.

CURRENT WEEKLY ACTIVITY2/18/2013 to 2/24/2013

Total Steps: 28,794

Average Number of Steps per Day: 4, 113

Best Day:  7,466

Total Distance: 11.83 Miles

Best Day: 3.07 Miles

Total Calories Burned: 11,630

Best Day: 1,827 (probably the day I shoveled the driveway)

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolution?

I will continue to share results with you as I work towards my quest to reach better health in 2013!   Join me:)

 I received a free product and compensation as part of a promotional program with Fitbit and MomSelect.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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