Want New Recipes? Check out the McCormick Look Book

Spring is the perfect time for trying out new recipes.  With so many gatherings that take place this time of year, like backyard cookouts, picnics and family outings, you can never go wrong with a tasty side dish or dessert to share.

McCormick has always been a brand I have used in my home.  As a matter of fact, I remember growing up that it was always the brand my mom used as well.  I was recently told about a website McCormick offers called the McCormick Look Book

The McCormick Look Book is packed full with recipes that are sure to excite anyone who has the opportunity to taste them.  As I browsed the website, it was hard to narrow it down to just one recipe I wanted to try first.  However, my weakness are cakes and cookies, so I narrowed it down to the Vanilla Rich Chip Cake and Vanilla Rich Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I just realized as I was typing this that I must have a thing for vanilla too.  Oh well, there are worse things I could crave.

I finally decided on the Vanilla Rich Chip Cake, which was probably a good idea since I tend to overeat cookies.  It’s just so hard to stop at one small cookie.  I’m guessing there are some of you that can relate to my dilemma. 

The Vanilla Rich Chip Cake turned out to be delicious.  The hint of vanilla with the sour cream gave it a great flavor.  It went into my recipe box for the next time I need a quick (one bowl) recipe for any occasion.

If you are looking for a great new recipe, be sure to check out the McCormick Look Book.  I’m sure if you are anything like me, you will find a lot of great recipes to try. 

Please let me know if you end up making anything and how it turns out:)

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for McCormick. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


  1. says

    My stepmom makes a cake like this – it’s to die for! I think you’ve now ruined my diet – thanks for that! LOL! Truthfully, McCormick makes the BEST vanilla extract!

    • Clueless Mama says

      Sorry about the diet, but you are perfect just the way you are. I couldn’t agree more about the McCormick Vanilla extract. I can’t wait to try a few more of the recipes.

    • Clueless Mama says

      Renee that is so funny, that is another one I want to try. You must be a vanilla person too:) Glad you saw some recipes that you think you could enjoy. Let me know if you end up making any. Have a great Wednesday.

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