Maintain that Dental Clean Feel? #CrestSponsored

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I ran the front end of a dental practice.  I can still remember the smell that greeted me every morning as I entered the office.  I can’t even begin to describe it to you, but if you visit the dentist then you know what I am talking about. 

Of course, working in a dental office I also became very familiar with other smells as well.  One of those smells was that of gum disease.  Because of this, I have always tried my best to take care of not only my teeth, but my overall oral hygiene

The truth is that most people never even realize when they have offensive breath.  It is like when you wear the same perfume everyday, you become desensitized to it, yet others still smell it.   If you don’t believe me, just ask your younger aged child one day how your breath smells.  However, know you are going to get a brutally honest answer. 

There are always products coming on the market that promise to deliver different things for oral hygiene and I am usually open to trying them.  Recently I was asked to participate in the Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control Test Drive Program.  I thought this sounded right up my alley since oral hygiene is so important to me.

Basically this program will have me following a Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control regimen.  It will require me to brush, floss and rinse a minimum of twice daily using the products I was sent.  By doing so, they want me to see if I can achieve a “just been to the dentist” clean.

Do you know the feeling you have right after you leave from having a dental cleaning?  Your teeth feel so clean and smooth or at least for the first few days, then you start to feel the plaque returning.  I always say it’s when your teeth start to feel “furry”.  How nice would it be if you could maintain that just cleaned feeling in between dental visits?

I will be using the Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control regimen over the next 6-8 weeks to see how it works for me.  I will share with you about my experience at that time.  Here’s to hoping that this regimen is as good as it sounds. 

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I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Crest and Oral-B and received product samples to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central Consulting sent me a promotional gift to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


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