Chuggington…CHUGGA, CHUGGA: Move Over Thomas

Any mom of a little boy is familiar with the all too famous Thomas the Tank Engine. My son has adored him for as long as I can remember. He even went so far as to having a singing toothbrush that he pushed over and over as it sang the Thomas theme song. Thank goodness there is a new Chugger in town!

That’s right guys, Thomas finally has some competition in our house and I am loving it. Chuggington can be found on the Disney Channel and it is such a great children’s show. It is so great to see a new, more up to date show about trains. Let me introduce you to a few of the characters you will find riding the rails!

Wilson, is the red Chugger trainee. He is a little scatterbrained and is always getting in trouble for going to fast! Aww…Big Bumpers! Wilson is also what my three year old has changed his name to. Yes, he has a name for everyone in our family now from this show. It makes for an interesting day.:)

Brewster is one of the other main characters and trainees. He and the others learn new things everyday from the older trains. Brewster considers himself to be a strong and dependable engine. He is very reliable and always knows the questions to ask. He is the Blue and Yellow Chugger.

Koko is the female trainee of Chuggington. You hear all sorts of quirky little things from her like TRAINTASTIC! Guess who I get to be everyday in the imaginary land of my little boy?? Koko is fast and loves to learn new things. CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO!!

The thing that I love about Chuggington is they help teach lessons to your children in each episode. They have created a show that captures your kids attention. There is even an Action Chugger in the series that is the Superhero of Chuggington. I love how they have made this show into something that children can relate to. The characters are funny and animated! Of course, you have Eddie who is in charge of the railroad and taking care of the chuggers.

If you haven’t set a recording for Chuggington yet, you need to stop and do it right now. Your child will love you for it. You on the other hand may wish you hadn’t after you have to watch it a thousand times and find yourself singing the theme song in the shower.

Visit to find out more about the new chuggers in town. It has great games and videos for the kids as well.


  1. Kelly's Lucky You says

    We love Chugginton too! It appeals to boys AND girls. It's my daughters new favorite (slowly replacing Charlie and Lola as the DVR'd choice).

    We'll be walking along and Rosie'll say, "C'mon Mom, ride the rails!"

  2. Shana says

    I wrote about this show when it first came out. I love it as does Blaze. He would not watch Thomas for anything. I think it bored him but he loves this one.

  3. says

    We just discovered Chuggington too. Very cute show! My son was a Thomas addict before too but he seems to love Chuggington just as well.

  4. Xenia says

    We watch this sometimes too and so far my daughter seems to like it. But then, she's not all that particular and will watch pretty much anything that's animated!

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