Viatek PediSpa Review: Pedicure Kit

I have always been envious of people who had beautiful feet. Unfortunately, this was not something I was blessed with. I am always trying to find something that will help with my dry, rough heels. Surely I am not the only one that battles with this.

I was sent a PediSpa made by Viatek to review at home. It is an at home pedicure kit that helps to rid your feet of the unwanted roughness. I couldn’t wait to give this baby a try! It comes with two separate attachments that are interchangeable, as well as a an easy cleaning tray.

The PediSpa is small, just about the size of your hand. It is also very lightweight. I found that the product worked best after getting out of the bath/shower. That is when your feet have already been softened a little; although it can be used on dry feet as well. I have also started doing a treatment on my feet that I think does an amazing job. It is a lemon juice and aspirin mixture. You put these in a gallon ziploc bag and soak your feet in it. It sounds crazy, but it does wonders for softening the skin on my feet. I use the PediSpa after this treatment and my feet are as soft as a baby’s bottom!

PediSpa is battery operated and uses 4 ‘AA’ batteries. The attachments that are included are a non-abrasive, stainless steel rotary blade and an emery buffer. The blade is safe to touch and easy to clean. The emery buffer is what I used the most because it works great on the finishing touches. I was afraid because of its size that it would not be powerful enough. I was wrong! I learned if you move the PediSpa in a circular motion rather than just applying pressure in one spot it does exactly what I need. The PediSpa is perfect for traveling as well, so you never have to be without soft feet again:)

Overall, I think this is a fun product that really works. It would make for a great gift for anyone who wants that pedicure feel from home. It is priced at $24.99. That is less than the price of one professional pedicure. For more information visit Viatek PediSpa.

*I was sent a Viatek PediSpa to sample for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are from my experience with this product. I received no form of compensation.


  1. { L } says

    I have terrible feet that are never soft…but I walk barefoot everywhere, even in the winter, so Bad me. lol. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for this info! I've never found anything effective so maybe this is it?

  2. Vic says

    My feet are cute…haha…I may have to do a post on muh feet! I do need a relaxing day at the spa though…wanna join:)

  3. Alexis AKA MOM says

    I have the worst skin on my feet (thanks Grandma). I so would love to get a pedi every 2 weeks.

    This sounds great, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

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