Happy Grandparent’s Day!!

Grandparent’s Day is a happy, but hard holiday for me. It reminds me of so many great times I was lucky enough to share with my Grandma and Papa. I miss them each and every day. I was only 11 when I lost my Papa. I remember his face like it was yesterday. He was my biggest fan! He always made me feel like I was SO special despite the fact that I didn’t feel the same!

My sisters share a birthday a day apart. One on June 28th and one on June 29th. My birthday is Christmas Eve. As a child I would always get so sad on their birthdays because I didn’t understand why I didn’t get presents too. Afterall, everyone else got presents on mine. My grandparents took care of that. They started buying me presents on my sisters birthdays so I wouldn’t be sad. You see those are the types of things grandparents do for their grandkids. I still have a necklace Papa gave me on one of those non-birthdays. It says “Grandpa’s Little Helper”. What I wouldn’t give to have him here to place it around my neck now!

I remember mornings at Grandma and Papa’s house. My Papa would get up in the morning and have his coffee. I would be woken up by the clinking of the spoon on his coffee cup and the sound of him singing church hymns. It was his way of making sure everyone else in the house got up when he did. It was aggravating to a little girl who wanted to sleep in, but it is a memory I hold dear now. He was a strong and hard working man that loved his grandbabies! Let me tell you, we ALL sure LOVED him back!

My grandma was a pistol! We loved each other in a way that is hard to describe. I was fortunate enough to have many years with her, but it could never be enough. She and I were the best of friends. Don’t get me wrong, she and I could argue with the best of them. I remember on several occasions being called a JACKASS! It was so funny when she would call me that, because she was the most Christian woman I knew. It was few and far between though for her and I to be at odds.

Grandma came to live with us after we lost my Papa. She and I became buddies. I truly thought of her as a FRIEND. When I had a new friend or boyfriend, she was the first one I wanted them to meet. She use to tell me, not many 16 year olds want their boyfriends to meet their old grandma. I sure did though. She was funny!! God did she make me laugh! I wish I had time to tell you about all of our adventures. We use to play tricks on my boyfriends when they would meet her. I should start by telling you she never weighed over a 100 pounds in her life…even when she was pregnant. She was also just under 5 feet tall. The cutest little thing around.

Anyway, one night I brought a boy home to meet everyone. Grandma started in with me. “Let’s play a joke on him,” she said. So we did of course. We all started our dinner in the dining area. Grandma called to us from the kitchen and asked if she could come in and eat with us. We all told her “NO, you know how messy you are with food. You have to stay in there off the carpet.” She replied that she would bring in some newspaper to put down under her in case she spilled. We still told her “NO!” At this point the boy was getting a little uncomfortable. We only took this to mean we needed to up the game a bit.

Grandma continued to call into the dining area to join us. She even came and peered in a couple of times for added effect! After this had gone on for a little while, I told her, “If you ask again, I am going to carry you to your room.”. She at this point began fake crying….a very believable fake cry!! When she started this, my mom looked at me and said “Take her to her room Laurie.” So I went and picked her up and started carrying her to her bedroom which was off the dining room. The whole time I carried her, she screamed, ” Please don’t take me to my room. I will be good I promise.”

I swear guys, if that boy could have had his face any closer to the plate his nose would have been in the food! We decided that it was about time to tell him the truth. Grandma popped out of her room with the biggest smile on her face and we all started hysterically laughing. The boy was more than relieved as he shared with us that he was trying to figure out how to get a number for the elderly abuse hotline! I swear though, she lived for moments like that. She was a CRACK UP!

I will always share a special bond with my Grandma. She always believed in me and saw the good in me when there was not much to be seen. She will always be a part of who I am and who I became. I am a better person because of the times I had with her. I know she would be so proud of the woman I am today. I wish with all my heart that I could have shared my children with her. I know she sees them from Heaven and that I will see her and my Papa again one day!

Okay, I know this is the longest post ever, but I can’t close without addressing my mom and dad. I can’t say how blessed I feel that my children have such a special bond with their grandparents. It is so amazing to watch the love that my little boy has towards his Grandma and Papa. I know that all the memories I have of my grandparents will be the same type my children will get to remember with my parents! It is such a blessing to have that bond. I am so glad to know that they make my children feel as loved as I did growing up. One day I hope the memories of their relationship will bring them the joy that my memories of my grandparents do. Thank you to all our childrens grandparents for loving our children and making them feel SO SPECIAL! Grandparents truly are the most AMAZING PEOPLE on earth! We love you guys.


  1. Xenia says

    This is such a sweet post, your Grandma and Papa sound like such loving people.

    Grandparents really are such wonderful people, having already done all the hard work of being parents and then they manage to cherish our kids enough to have such amazing bonds with them, too.

    (By the way, thanks for the Happy Grandparents Day tweets, because I knew it was coming up but had completely forgotten it was today!)

  2. Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition says

    I love this post! I'm so grateful to have my grandparents, they are SUCH a blessing!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Kieran says

    This post was great, thanks for sharing your wonderful memories of your Grandparents with us, I really enjoyed reading it! I'm off to call my Grandma now!

  4. Shopgirlvs36 says

    This post made me cry because I remember my own grandparents, who are no longer with me, like it was yesterday. They held such a special place in my heart and I loved more than anything to spend time at their house. I know one day I will see them in heaven. Thank you for bringing back such great memories of them.

  5. Susan Fobes says

    I loved your post!
    My kids' grandparents live pretty far away from us, but we try to connect via the telephone as much as possible. (btw: Thanks for your comment. I definately think this is the reason kids are so darn cute…)

  6. Vicki says

    This was an absolutely wonderful post, so much so that you inspired me to postpone what I was going to write and do a little grandparent post as well (hope you don't mind!)

  7. Alice in Wonderland says

    I just popped by (via Theta Mom & Yonca!) to say a big Hi!
    This is a wonderful post, and brought back such wonderful memories of my own late Grandparents. I reckon that next to my parents, they left the greatest impressions on my whole life! Everyday I remember my Grandmother especially, as she came out with the funniest sayings! I'm sure that they will all be getting along in some better place, and sharing the memories that they have of us!

  8. Rocky Mountain Memoirs says

    Wonderful post! Grandparents are such an important part of a child's life.

    BTW…there is an award for you on my blog! :)

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